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How to Create a Solid SEO and Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Web designers are notorious for overcompensating their abilities and have a tendency to use their own accomplishments as bait. Glorification of self doesn’t pay off unless the client is first put on the pedestal. Any business struggling to attract clients and customers should consider the quality of the content they are creating and promoting.

A solid content marketing strategy must begin with producing content that adds value to the products or services being promoted. Relying on this method alone does not drive traffic to a website. The biggest mistake content marketers make is not placing enough emphasis on what they can offer their customers.

Text, images, and content must serve the client’s best interest and nothing more. It is very important to think about your brand’s identity and how others perceive it. If your brand is promoting itself in ways that aren’t client-centric, this is something you can change.
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Dynamic content increases a potential client’s interest in what you have to say. Consider writing for other blogs as a guest blogger in order to gain more exposure and drive traffic to your website.
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Incorporating SEO keywords into your content will increase the amount of traffic to your website. Hiring a local SEO expert or working with an SEO agency to further drive traffic and boost your brand is something you may want to consider.

A web redesign might be necessary if you are creating a content marketing strategy for your business. Significant changes to a website can have an effect on the website’s SEO.

A web redesign done without a detailed understanding of SEO, or the involvement of an SEO agency should be done with caution.

Through the use of tools available or manually crawling your site, you are taking the first step in protecting the previous work put into on-page SEO. Without this analysis you cannot understand the important SEO aspects that make up your website. View this as the opportunity to reassess your old site’s SEO and develop new SEO techniques to include in the later version of your website. Before the test site goes live, do not forget to keep the “No Index, No Follow” checkbox marked. Leaving this box checked ensures the search engines won’t categorize it as duplicate content.

Don’t overlook the fact that you also need to retain your old website’s URL structure. This way you won’t have to worry about creating 301 redirects and dealing with the errors as a result.

XML sitemaps need to be created and sent to search engines so the crawling of data is not interrupted on your website.

Following these important steps in content strategy, web redesign, and SEO will make you a triple threat and ensure your success as a business owner.

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