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Synthetic Turf- How to Install

At first, you may believe that installing artificial turf is an easy task, but you are in for a surprise. There is much to the installation of the artificial grass than you may have thought. The the size of the selected lawn for artificial grass cover will influence the time taken to complete the task. Installing a synthetic grass requires a manpower of two but if you can afford more the better it will be. There is a need to have the necessary tools at hand for the job.

Boundary setting and measuring out the area to be covered is the first thing in the installation process. The existing grass is then removed from the field by use of a mower or by digging. The the ground should be leveled next by using a leveling tool or a roller. It is important that the ground is leveled to avoid cases of uneven grass level when you walk on it.

When you are done with evening up the ground; you now lay down the first layer of foundation for the lawn. This first layer consists of dirt that will be covered using decomposed rocks. Basically, after you have laid down the foundation, you are now ready to spread the synthetic turf on the ground.
What Has Changed Recently With Lawns?

Ideally, artificial grass is installed the same way as a carpet. Evenly spread the grass closely together and cover the entire intended ground. To ensure a robust fitting, leave some turf on the outside.
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Once you have laid down the grass, you are done with the difficult part of the job and are ready for the next step. The next step is distributing the infill into the artificial grass. The infill ensures that the blades of the turf remain upright. By adding cushion and comfort to the artificial grass, the infill contributes to the more natural look of this artificial grass.

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is recommendable over natural turf for several reasons.

Artificial turf barely needs any maintenance. You can now forget about the watering and mowing.

For pet owners, it is a relief as the grass can be cleaned with ease without any trace of residue or yellowing from the pets waste.

It is extremely durable so no need to worry that it will wear out.

Easy to clean using disinfectants.

Having an artificial grass lawn can be more rewarding than you may think; it is easy to clean and barely needs any maintenance done on it.